I’d like to say that in just over a week since signing up on your Mindset Program and also signing up as a member on your website i honestly can’t believe the changes you’ve helped me make. I’ve gone from feeling down, not sure what direction I’m going in, constantly being on my phone, negative and always putting myself down, to now feeling so much confident about what direction I’m going, I’ve given up my phone 2 hours each morning and 2 hours each night, actually believing in myself as you’ve given me the confidence to do this, feeling so much positive and I’ve finally got rid of so much negativity that i was carrying around with me that there was no need for me to do.

I’ve woken up happy for the last 11 days, had more time for my youngest son, stopped working all the hours god sends and still being able to make sure my customers are happy. I’ve waited almost 45 years to feel as good as what i do and i can honestly say hand on heart thats its since finding you and you showing me the right path and believing in me to. The other day i woke up and two hours later i looked at my phone and you’d sent me a little message, that message you sent me meant the world to me and showed me what an amazing lady you really are. You care about each person that comes into your life and i love that so much. You really are amazing and i know that this is only the start for me and theres so much more to come and i can’t wait.

R Love

Well what can I say about Emma she definitely knows how to pull at your heart strings I feel blessed to have found her one day on a live video and even more grateful that I’ve been able to do two of her courses! I can’t wait for the day to come when my confidence is as inspirational as Emma’s. Thank you for all your help beautiful lady from the bottom of my heart ??

S Rayner

Once again Emma has outdone herself! If you haven’t attended on of Emma’s courses or follow her on social media you are missing a trick, she’s fantastic! This was my second course and I wouldn’t hesitate to book another Emma goes above and beyond to help and to change your way of thinking! I am much more organised and productive. She’s amazing at motivating and the added extras from Laura and Amy were fantastic! If your thinking about booking a course do it! You won’t regret it.

A Donald

I signed up for Emma’s money mindset course, and I am completely blown away! It has changed me completely, Emma made us look into our past and even though it was uncomfortable opening a can of worms, by the end I felt free, I was able to ask myself questions I had never thought off regarding why I am in my current situation and by getting it all out, I can now move on. With Emma it is an emotional, spiritual and a life changing experience. Since completing this course, things have changed massively for me, by being given the right tools to use, I am finally on my way to abundance (that word makes me think of galaxy chocolate). I am forever grateful to Emma and the mindset movement, she is so much more than a coach, she is the greatest friend you will ever have, she makes you feel like you can achieve anything and for that I love her dearly”

S Kennedy

 The Mindset Movement has changed my life.

Its made me laugh, cry, but most important its fired something deep within me.

Emma really cares about everyone she works with and it shines through in everything she does.

S Hambelton

WOW! Just blown away by the training Emma does she is an incredible woman.

J Barlow

If you are feeling confused and in need of guidance and someone to tell you how to get your shit together…here you will hear a lady who know what she is talking about!

Emma makes everyone realise we are all capable of whatever we desire.

My advice is don’t think twice – get clear in your head any doubts you may have even if you have heard it all before.. you will not regret being part of this.

M Oldenberg

Emma has changed my life – her down to earth, easy to follow, life changing training is out of this world.

I found her at a time in my life when I needed answers – the answers were within me.

her passion, truth, soul shines through every session – you will be hooked within 30 seconds.

I am obsessively grateful that this beautiful soul came into my life – she saved me!

N Bell

Absolutely INCREDIBLE training.

The content, the way its expressed, the way it makes you feel and the way it connects instantly is amazing.

So grateful to of found her – I know I will be coming to her next year to thank her for completely changing my life around.

M Kane

The Mindset Movement is transforming me into the person I want to be, the person I am inside.

Having a physical disability Ive suffered a low self esteem and self confidence since I was a teenager and Emma Seems to be able to understand what I’m thinking and has given me a total new perspective on so many things.

I cant thank her enough.

D Nesbitt

I recently joined Emma’s mindset movement just with the intention of obviously changing my mindset…however once I’d joined I realised it’s a lot more than that, everybody within the group is like an uplifting community and that’s all because of emma, emma is the most caring soul, there’s no other coach out there like her!

When I get a notification that emma has posted in the group I anticipate her words of wisdom which always seem to arrive just as you REALLY need to see them the most.

Emma only provides training on things she can genuinely advise people on and relate too – just for that I’ll be joining EVERY course emma has to offer…I’m overly grateful to now have emma in my life.

S Smith

I had followed Emma for a few months and knew she was good with mindset things but wow this course has changed my life!! Bit of an exaggeration? Hell no!! Emma has not only helped me save my life but shown me a better way of living and for that il be eternally grateful ??

I was sitting upset and low every day,worrying,stressing,getting further and further into a rut/a black hole.When I messaged Emma about the course,I didn’t even feel I had a personality anymore,nothing about me,I just felt like a shell,existing  but nothing on the inside anymore!!?

BUT now everything has changed!! I deal with things much better,Emma showed me that I should live by my own values/expectations not what others want and by doing so il be happier and boy was she right! ,I don’t worry anymore,if I can’t change something/deal with it then I have no room for it in my thoughts?I now know my worth!! Something that’s took me most of my adult life to know!  No ones bad opinion affects me now! I’ve let go of a lot of head rubbish by burning my bullshit!! I’ve found I don’t think as much either,I just do without worrying of what may happen(whats the worse that can happen!!) I hardly cry through bad stuff now,I deal with my thoughts and feelings then move on!! I’ve even been able to come off of my anxiety medication!!!( my docs are convinced il relapse quickly?) It’s helped me do better in business too!!

Emma showed me ways I never thought existed! She’s a beautiful lady inside and out but with a very kind heart,she cares for every client she has and I can’t wait to become a part of her monthly coaching programe? A friend signed up to it as she saw the massive change in me!

I don’t smile anymore because there is a reason to,I smile because I want to?.

E Cook

I came across Emma in January 2017 as I watched a live video that had appeared in my facebook newsfeed. Initially, I just thought she was another life coach, offering all the solutions to life’s troubles and promising to make the difference. However, I soon realised that she is so very different from anyone else out there. She doesn’t pretend to have all the answers ~ she knows we already have them ourselves. But with incredible questioning, insightful analogies and explanations and a fantastic way of speaking the truth that many others may shy away from, she enables her clients to step into their own brilliance. I have invested in two of her online coaching programmes and have got amazing value from both. I recommend her to all of my friends and team members within my business with 100% confidence that, as long as people are prepared to do the work she asks and invest themselves as well as their money into her expertise and guidance, amazing things can happen. There is no magic wand to change but Emma Privilege is the closest thing you’ll ever find and I am grateful every day that she is now is a part of my life as a coach and a friend.

C Beswick

What a journey I have been on since joining The Mindset Movement!

I would not miss one training that Emma EVER plans – She is INCREDIBLE, and has a true gift to share with anyone willing to make a change in their life!

My mindset, my thoughts, my outlook, my attitude and business is so so much better.

I will be forever grateful I found her.

L Sant

What a journey I have been on since joining The Mindset Movement!

I would not miss one training that Emma EVER plans – She is INCREDIBLE, and has a true gift to share with anyone willing to make a change in their life!

My mindset, my thoughts, my outlook, my attitude and business is so so much better.

I will be forever grateful I found her.

J Solomon

Changed my life. I am new into network marketing and doing Emma’s Course has given me 100% belief in myself.

I believe I can achieve anything I desire now, I have confidence in my abilities.

I don’t know what what has happened to me but something amazing, special, and indescribable. Something has risen up inside of me!

I am blown away by what one little course has done for me.

I am so grateful to Emma, I would recommend her to anyone and I will take any and every course that she offers in the future because now I am addicted and want more.

Thanks Emma for changing my life.

E Arden

Loved the trainings, first one changed my life completely and the second enforced that.

This helped me to connect and work on a level I have never been able to.

I Weston

The Mindset Movement changed my life.

Emma is such a lovely person and she’s changed my mindset so much already. I have done things that I never thought I would do.

I would happily recommend her to anyone.

If she can change me from the negative person, who thought the world was against her, then she can help anyone.

S Tilsley