I signed up for Emma’s money mindset course, and I am completely blown away! It has changed me completely, Emma made us look into our past and even though it was uncomfortable opening a can of worms, by the end I felt free, I was able to ask myself questions I had never thought off regarding why I am in my current situation and by getting it all out, I can now move on.

With Emma it is an emotional, spiritual and a life changing experience. Since completing this course, things have changed massively for me, by being given the right tools to use, I am finally on my way to abundance (that word makes me think of galaxy chocolate). I am forever grateful to Emma and the mindset movement, she is so much more than a coach, she is the greatest friend you will ever have, she makes you feel like you can achieve anything and for that I love her dearly.

S Kennedy

The Mindset Movement has changed my life.

Its made me laugh, cry, but most important its fired something deep within me.

Emma really cares about everyone she works with and it shines through in everything she does.

S Hambelton

Children’s Mindset Coaching